Do you ever wish you could have the old version of your daughter back?

If you find your daughter
. . .

at you

for hours

. . .

that's a great sign!

Those frustrating behaviors mean that your daughter is for confidence!

Now all she needs are the RIGHT confidence-growing

And she needs your help in learning them . . . because the self-confidence struggle NEVER stops. Never.

What exactly are the self-confidence skills your daughter needs?

What she needs is a total transformation in 3 critical areas of belief, using a powerful framework as her guide.

Belief #1: Your worth is not negotiable.

Belief #2: Your soul is not defined by its shell.

Belief #3: Your weakness is part of the plan.

I’ve taken these beliefs and put them into an at-home program for girls and women.  


Join the Challenge to help your daughter learn the skills she needs for REAL self-confidence.

You can help your daughter gain real confidence

. . . and save her a lifetime of wasted effort on wardrobe changes, crash diets, and social media obsession.

During the Unstoppable Confidence Challenge You and Your Daughter Will . . .

Set the foundation by learning how to recognize the Spirit every single day

Strengthen the foundation by learning how to pray to get answers and how to recognize answers to prayer (a huge source of real confidence)

Learn and put into action the five-part framework that leads to lasting change

Implement my #1 tool to grow your self-confidence quickly (no matter how you feel about yourself)

Begin to rebuild your self-confidence using God as the foundation

Recognize Satan's attacks on your mortal experience

Practice body image resilience tools that lead to a total change in how you feel about your body

Recognize the impact of social media on your body image and begin to use social media to empower your body image resilience

Learn how to use the Atonement of Jesus Christ to embrace a progress-not-perfection mentality

And so, so much more!

When You Buy the Course, You Will Get . . .