Girls 9 - 12, come join us!
One Minute Scripture Study for Girls
is starting at the beginning of October!

Your Heavenly Parents held onto your daughter for thousands of years, and sent her to earth at this time for a reason. ​

She has a mission to fulfill!​

But as your daughter enters her teen years the adversary is preparing an all-out attack on her.


#1: Satan wants her to be and waste her time on dead-end efforts . . . just like him.

God designed His daughters to be happy and heroic.  But the adversary knows that if he can destroy your daughter’s confidence and waste her time, he can stop her from fulfilling her divine mission.

#2: He wants your daughter to her body . . . since he doesn't get one.

God has an important work for your daughter to do.  But that will be hard to accomplish if she’s busy hating her body and trying to change it . . . which is why the adversary tries to convince her that she needs to “fix” what was never broken.

#3: He also wants your daughter to from her mortal experience . . . since he doesn't get one.

God has given your daughter one shot at this mortal life.  Just ONE.  The adversary wants to take that away from her by getting her to disconnect from her mortal experience in favor of a digital one.  Not cool.

Find out if your daughter is spiritually and emotionally prepared for her teen years!