An Interview with Monica

“Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?”  

“I’m 18, I love Nutella and at a drop of a hat I decided to go to performing art school and pursue acting and musical theater.”

How can using your talents bring the spirit into your life?”

“When speaking about the entertainment industry, it surprises people that I can grow spiritually while involved, because any source of media—such as theater or TV can be misused. But I do not think it is an inherently bad thing. When we use our talents professionally, it can be easy to become self-absorbed. Really, however, we are given those talents to help other people. No matter what, by using your talents you will influence other people. You have to decide if you are going to use them for good or bad.”
“I have found joy in using my talents to create uplifting messages that move people or motivate them, versus just using talents to glorify myself. When I see others using their talents for good it motivates me to do the same.”

“What advice would you give to young women?”

“It is easy to compare ourselves to other people, particularly the best parts that we see. But we shouldn’t tear ourselves down. I have learned from the Young Women values and the knowledge that I am a daughter of God, that we worry far too much about what the people around us are thinking when we really should just focus on what our Heavenly Father thinks. He knows everything. He knows all our faults and our imperfections and yet He still loves us infinitely. Just remembering that can do wonders.”


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Hello! My name is Sandi. My hubby and 6 kids and I call Southern California home. I am a fan of anything radiating the light of Christ. Two years ago, my daughter Claire and I created the instagram account @MormonFaces and ever since then we have been asking members of the Church how they have seen the hand of The Lord in their lives, or other spiritually minded questions. After listening to more than 500 people answer I feel that it has been eternally imprinted on my heart that in fact The Lord is in the details of our lives.

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