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The Places We Wait

The average person will spend 10 years of their life standing in line. A third of your life will be spent being fast asleep. Of course, there are the months or even years we wait to be married, the…

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Carest thou not?

|Emi B., 18, Utah| So I have like 20 “favorite scriptures” but Mark chapter 4 is definitely one of them!! This story is so meaningful to me. I first read it when I was going through a trial that…

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Wait For It

|Jenny Whitcomb, Massachusetts| I remember one night in Medellin… my second area in Colombia. I was serving as a missionary alongside a competent and fun American from Utah. We were on a bus headed home. It had been a…

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COVID Lessons

To be honest, my senior year was pretty tough. I felt jipped. I wasn’t ready to graduate or grow up but then the world fell apart from COVID-19. All of a sudden my senior year was gone. It was…

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Capturing the Pandemic

|Sydney S., 17, Colorado | A breath of fresh air, A brother with a contagious laugh coming home.  Face-time calls with a sister thirteen hours away, finance in tow, Lunch with my family and a full night’s rest This…