It's time to take back your mortal experience.

No need to wait for a knight in shining armor.  YOU are the hero you’ve been waiting for!

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You are on earth at this time on purpose!

Your Heavenly Parents held onto you for thousands of years, and sent you to earth at this specific time for a reason.  But Satan is doing his best to make you forget that.


Satan wants you to be miserable (just like him).

God designed you to be happy and heroic.  But the adversary knows that if he can destroy your confidence, he can stop you from fulfilling your divine mission.

He wants you to waste time on dead-end efforts (just like him).

God has an important work for you to do.  But that will be hard to accomplish if you’re busy trying to change your body, or face, or clothes . . . which is why the adversary tries to convince you that you need to “fix” what was never broken. 

He also wants to disconnect you from your mortal experience entirely (since he doesn't get one).

God has given you one shot at this mortal life.  Just ONE.  The adversary wants to take that away from you by getting you to disconnect from your mortal experience in favor of a digital one.  Not cool.

You can take back your mortal experience and be the happy, confident, heroic girl God designed you to be.

The Unstoppable Confidence Mother-Daughter Challenge includes a 41-page workbook, 18 coaching videos, our hugely popular “Year of Motivational Quotes” and “Year of Girl Power Quotes”, our Vision Board activity, and more!


Perfect for mothers and daughters; leaders and young women; or even done alone!

Digital downloads are available immediately! Videos are going live on August 7th!