Treat Yourself!

The holiday season is feverish with the desire to give. But why should that exclude giving to yourself? Now, this probably shouldn’t mean indulging in selfish ways like eating lots of junk food or spending all your money on yourself (not that I would know anything about that). Treating yourself means looking back to roots and reminding yourself of what makes you happy- Although Parks and Rec does teach us there should be some cupcake eating. What makes you happy? Choose a couple of the things you can think of, and then find a time to do them.

I’m in my junior year of high school (yes, I am shuddering too), so it’s hard to find time for relaxation with all the mounds of homework and AP classes. I’ve also recently found out that I enjoy longboarding, and so every week I give some time to go out and board on a paved nature trail in my neighborhood. I just put on a sweater, put my favorite music in my earbuds, and go boarding for some me-time. The effect is surprising, because the change I’ve made is so simple. Going out and boarding, among other things I’ve started to do, only takes a few minutes out of my day. My grades have actually started going up, and if they don’t, I’m not as stressed about it. Taking some me-time has made me more relaxed, and tackling a problem doesn’t seem like a chore any more.

Treat yourself!

Treating yourself with kindness and love isn’t the only good change to make in your mind and in your life. Having a consistent pattern of reading the scriptures is also a powerful way to become happier. God is out there waiting for you. He is available at any time. The scriptures are only a book (or an app) away. Giving yourself some alone time and indulging (maybe just a little), along with increasing your relationship with Christ can do wonders for your happiness and other areas of life.

And for all of you kind and modest people out there, serving and helping others is a fantastic way to treat yourself! If that’s what gives you joy, then there’s no reason not to do it. Treating yourself doesn’t always have to be selfish, it just has to make you happy.

Treat yourself!

So think again about what makes makes you happy- what you know you enjoy doing. Then find some time to do it. Spend some time drawing, singing, writing, reading, swimming, dancing. Heck, Netflix binging certainly isn’t out of the equation.

“Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy,”- 2 Nephi 2:25. There you go; it’s in the scriptures. That means that you have no excuse to not treat yourself this holiday season.

Do what makes you happy, because that’s what makes you you.

Comment about what you do to treat yourself, whether it’s watching Parks and Rec or going out to see the Christmas lights. Because treating yourself is all about you. 🙂

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Jane Tallmadge spends her time playing tennis, reading, longboarding, and writing Ruby Girl articles instead of doing homework. She struggles with an identity disorder in which she wishes she was European but is tragically from Texas. Some of her favorite things include cheese plates, jazz music, and her family. If you offer her dark chocolate (90% cacao, please), she might make you shrimp in return.

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  • Michelle Lehnardt
    December 29, 2016 at 10:41 am

    I love this post SO MUCH! I always think about a part in THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS where the devil can’t tempt a man because the man had taken the time to read a book he really liked and gone on a walk. The things that feed us spiritually might not appear spiritual but when we feel joy we are closer to God. Enjoy your longboarding! Wish I could join you.