Summer is a good time to make extra money especially if you aren’t old enough to get a full-time job.  It’s easy to find work if you’re willing to put yourself out there and ask.  Lots of people will hire a teen who is trying to earn money for a worthy cause.  You could make a flyer and put it around your neighborhood or at the library or grocery store.  Or have your parents post something on their Facebook page.  Try sending an email to your neighbors and friends.  Here are some ideas of what you can do to earn money: cleaning, pet sitting/dog walking, washing/detailing cars, tutoring, babysitting, be a mother’s helper, weed, mow lawns, do yard work, haul trash, wash windows, paint, make a meal for someone, organize a closet, read to a shut in, iron shirts, throw out expired food (yes, I’ve paid a teenager to do that for me!).  Here’s to a summer with a good mix of fun and money making!

[photo taken at a farm stand in Vermont]

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I grew up in the LA area and moved to Boston sight unseen and am never leaving New England. I work as an assistant in the president's office at MIT and do photography on the side. I am in YW for the third time (I am the Beehive counselor) and I love it. My hobbies are photography, antiquing, baking, sewing, quilting, blogging (and reading lots of blogs), writing letters, reading on the subway and exploring around New England (there is lots to see!).

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