Physical and Spiritual Nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month (NNM)! Rather than just focusing on physical nutrition, my young womens leader challenged us to also focus on our spiritual nutrition. Both are important because they help us to carry out the will of Heavenly Father. So, here are five tried and tested ways that you can get yourself and others involved in NNM:

  1. Participate in March Madness scripture reading. My ward does this every year. You start reading the Book of Mormon on the first day of March and you finish it on the last day (or you can read ahead of the schedule and finish before that). To take it a step farther, my family is doing the reading every month and it has made a huge difference in my life!
  2. Plant a garden. Gardens are so fun! They promote healthy eating and self accountability. It’s also a fun way to get younger kids involved because gardens can get a little bit dirty!
  3. Go on a hike! If you’re like me, you don’t like consciously exercising. Hiking is a great way to get your exercise in without feeling like you’re exercising! You can also do it with friends, so that’s an added bonus!!
  4. Organize a food scavenger hunt with your friends, then take the food you collect to a homeless shelter or food bank. This is a great way to get others involved and to help others through hard times.
  5. Learn to bake something new. Ask someone else to teach you how to bake something. This doesn’t only teach you how to bake, it also gives nutrition to your relationship with that person. 

Your own health is very important! If we are not physically and spiritually healthy, it is hard for Heavenly Father to communicate with us, and it is hard for us to carry out His will and share the gospel with others. Striving to maintain health doesn’t have to just be during March, it can be year round!

What are some ways that you can promote health throughout the year? How can you get others involved?

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