Mother’s Day Banner Cards

I love to write letters. I think it is because I love to receive letters. Mother’s day is coming up, and these cards are great to give to your mom or just a woman you admire.


You will need: A blank card, white paper, scissors, glitter, glue, a marker, string, washi tape, and stickers. You can always use glitter glue instead of glitter or you don’t have to use glitter at all. It is up to you.step 1


First, you will cut a strip off the white paper. You don’t need too much paper. Fold the paper in half and trace four triangles. Cut on the fold so the triangles are like diamonds. It needs to be like this so you can glue them to the string.

step 2

Next, you will write your message on the triangles. If you are using the glitter, make sure you do it over a paper so you don’t get glitter everywhere.

step 3

Now, cut your string. Use the card as a guideline, and remember that it is better to have a little too much than not enough.

step 4

Now, take the banners and glue them on to your string. You don’t want to glue them too far apart. Also, when you are gluing the two sides together you need to press it pretty hard for a few minutes, so you know it won’t come apart later.

step 5

Next, align your banner with the card and make sure it looks right before you put the washi tape on. The banner should not be too tight. It should hang. Then,use the washi tape to tape the banner to the card. Trim the ends of the washi tape so it doesn’t look too messy.

step 6

Then, cut the extra string off and then put a sticker over the part of string that is under the washi tape. This is to cover the string so you don’t really see it. You don’t have to do this, but it is cute.

last step

Finally, use the glitter to make a few hearts on the front of the card. My hearts aren’t the best, but I still like it. You don’t have to do the hearts in the bottom corner, in fact you don’t have to do them at all, but it gives it a nice touch.

Mother's Day Card

Now your done! So cute! This card will brighten anyones day, whether it is your Mom, a friend,  a leader, or woman you admire.



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