Meet Maya and Gabie Gonzalez!

Gabie Gonzalez is a bright-eyed 14 year old who loves to hang out with her friends, and says that family is everything. It’s clear that she looks up to her parents, and especially values the example of her mother, who joined the church at the age of 16. She said “Mom is very strong, and made the choice to have the gospel in her life. I can tell it’s very important to her.”
Maya Gonzalez is 12, has an amazing smile and loves going to Mutual on Wednesday nights. She says that before joining the Young Women organization, she spent a lot of time following her mom around and helping with laundry and cooking. She says that even though she still helps her mom, joining young women has helped her to feel more independent.
The girls are both the only members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in their schools, and both agreed that spending time in the temple has been memorable and special for them. They have been to the Boston temple where their parents were married, the temple in Hartford, Connecticut, where they were able to attend the open house before it was dedicated, and they told me about a special vacation their family took to Florida when they were younger, and they were able to walk the grounds of the Orlando temple there. Gabie said she’d love to go inside the Orlando temple someday, and Maya said the Hartford temple is her favorite because she appreciated being able to visit, and have someone explain the importance of each room.
When I asked the sisters about their family, it was clear that there is a lot of love in their home. Maya spent some time talking about how she helps her two younger brothers get ready for church, and Gabie explained that spending time with extended family is important. “Family is everything,” she said “even if we can’t be with them, we know we are always loved by them.” They are both looking forward to being good examples for their baby sister, who’s due date is next month.
Maya’s favorite young women value is Choice and Accountability. She said she appreciates knowing that “the choices you make affect you. You’re accountable for them.” She wanted other girls to know that “You’re a child of God.” Gabie’s favorite young women experience was Girls Camp. She is looking forward to this summer, when she hopes to bring some of her friends along. Her favorite value is Individual Worth. “Sometimes it’s hard to understand that I could really be a daughter of God, and that He could love me as much as people say He does” she explained, but this value helps with that understanding. When I asked her what she would want other girls in the world to know, her answer was crystal clear: “God loves you and you’re special. You should know that.”

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