many hands make (LIGHT) work

Two hands, painted on a ceiling somewhere in Italy stretch towards each other. Almost touching. Between them lies a space on the wall. The space between those hands holds worlds of possibilities. The paint and cracks and plaster hold realms beyond our comprehension. What would have happened if that space weren’t there? If arms were stretched and fingers extended? If the gap was suddenly closed and God and man now touched? Unfortunately, thanks to Michelangelo we will never know.

That is not the case for us. Every single time we open our eyes in the morning we have hundreds of things within reach. Hundreds of moments, chances and laughs. Gifts to share. With every breath we intake, endless options linger at the edge of our fingertips. In our day literally the entirety of the world’s knowledge can be accessed at the touch of a button. It is our job to take it. To stand up and spread our longing hands wide open. To give like we have been given unto. It is our job every single day to snatch those moments and memories. To catch snow flakes on our tongues and sing proudly all the Christmas songs slightly out of tune. It is our job to grasp a book and inhale the story. It is our job to pick up a pen and make history out of heartbeats. It is our job to stretch and extend our fingers made of flesh and bone until the love we have inside our hearts is no longer within buts rest in our humble hands ready to be given away.

Time and time again as I have reached out to the Savior, his hands have steadied me. I know that I am “graven upon the palms” of my Savior (1 Nephi 21:16). So are all of his extraordinary children.  I want to extend my hands and invite all who read this message to full heartedly embrace the church’s Light the World initiative. Go out and lift others. Brighten the world by showing it who are whose you are. This holiday season, take your hands and use them to share the light that can truly brighten the whole Earth. As vessels of that light and especially during Christmas, we have a sacred responsibility to serve others. To reach out to wanting hands. To steady the hands that shake and tremble. To fill the spaces between lonely fingers with our own. To show the world what the true meaning of Christmas and Christ’s unyielding love really feels like.


How will you Light the World today?

How will you use your hands for good?

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Just a little over a year ago my family and I packed up and moved to Utah after 10 sweet years in Georgia. I now to go Skyline High School, am 17, and love life. I love to read, write, cheerlead and smile!

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  • Tracey Kimball
    December 4, 2017 at 11:30 pm

    You so beautifully use words to spread His light. Thank you for this.