Loved Beyond Measure

Emery, an almost-twelve-year-old with five sisters, plays on the same basketball team as twelve-year-old Nealey, who has one younger brother. They both live in Harvard, Massachusetts and love baking cupcakes and making milkshakes together. When I asked them how they got the idea for their project, they said that they found themselves with a lot of extra time on their hands, and wanted to do something nice for people. Both girls talked about feeling grateful that they come from loving families, and also have good health and comfortable lives. “We might as well do something good with our extra time,” said Nealey.

Emery chimed in “We just want to give love to people who are having a hard time. We are really loved, and want to help other kids who are going through tough times feel loved too.”

 With the help of Emery’s mom Lee Chipman, the girls decided to use up some extra fabric to make a blanket for a girl named Lizzie, a two-year-old with stage four liver cancer. That was their first blanket hug, and, after shipping it to Idaho, they both agreed it felt really good, and that they wanted to find more children in need of extra love.
I asked them what they thought the hardest part of taking on a project like this would be, and they almost simultaneously responded “Getting the word out.”  They want to reach out to kids who are sick, who feel sad, children that might be going through something difficult, or are just in need of some extra love.  The target audience is children ages 16 years and younger. Currently, they are working on blankets for a 13 year old with leukemia, and an eight year old with brain cancer. They were also approached this week about making a blanket for a baby only a few months old who has some heart complications.
Emery and Nealey were pooling their money and plan to buy some fabric on sale, but said that ideally they hope that in addition to pairing them up with children who could use a blanket, they hope people will also offer to help with fabric donations, or money to help off-set the cost of materials and shipping costs. I asked them if they had any project-related goals, and they told me they wanted to make at least 200 blankets. The real undertaking here, however, is two young ladies who want other children to feel loved beyond measure.
If you want to know more about their enterprise or how you can help, look them up on Instagram at:  _loved_beyond_measure_
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Jenny Whitcomb is from Massachusetts. She loves to read, hike and make new friends. Ice cream is her dessert of choice and she has been teaching early morning seminary from her living room for a veeerrrryyy long time. That probably qualifies for a celestial fast pass, right?

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  • Amy Jacobs
    January 29, 2018 at 9:48 am

    You are both very inspiring and change peoples’ lives. So proud of you both. I admire your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity. What a wonderful project! ❤️

  • Michelle Lehnardt
    January 30, 2018 at 9:01 am

    Wow! What a great project! I’m going to send you some fabric. <3