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Come Follow Me: Doctrine and Covenants 129-132

Marriage is a hard subject to break down within different religions and personal beliefs. But everything comes down to a similar idea: love. Although, love is not always a factor in religion. Sometimes it’s more about family expectations, personal expectations, laws, etc. But all of us love to think that marriage is a result of love.

Before I was born, my parents had a baby who had a heart condition and due to unfortunate circumstances only lived for 10 days. Knowing that I will be with my brother and other loved ones again brings me comfort and faith within the church. Throughout my life, I have always been asked by teachers, peers, church leaders, etc. if I have a brother. I usually say no, unless I am comfortable enough or know them well enough. But I still always know that even when he feels far away, or unreachable, or like he isn’t there, he is. He is always watching over me and being proud of me and guiding me.

Through different opinions and levels of understanding, I hope that one day love and having a partner is more important than hate and fear. Marrying in the temple is important to me and other individuals because we want as much spirit and happiness on our special day as possible. Even writing about this is hard because I’m not good at opening up, and I don’t want to disrespect him by writing anything incorrect. But all I know for sure is that since my parents were sealed in the temple, my siblings and my brother and I will always be together no matter what. I have never been to a wedding, or at least one recent enough for me to remember, but I do know that marriage within the temple keeps a family together and brings forever comfort and peace. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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