Don’t Live With Regrets

Mayci Aldous (one of the cute girls in my ward) was kind enough to share a scary experience she had over the summer with me to use as a post for this month. She is such an amazing girl! I hope you appreciate her story and enjoy her testimony as much as I did!
“This past June my teammates and I were in San Diego for a national soccer tournament. It was a week-long event and we got a day off to tour and go to the beach. It was a nice, warm day and we were so excited to be there. We were jumping over waves and playing in the water. After about 10 minutes one of my teammates yelled “I can’t touch!” Then I realized I couldn’t touch either. We all tried not to panic and swim back to shore, but that just exhausted us. Soon we had 10 foot waves crashing over us as we were being dragged out. We didn’t realize we were caught in an undertow. Every wave turned us upside down. We were screaming for help but no one could hear us. Finally, lifeguards and a bystander jumped in to help us. But there were nine of us. The first lifeguard got to my friend. She told him that she could tread a little longer and to come save us first. The lifeguard came over and gave three of us a buoy to hold on to. One of my teammates said, “We’re going to be ok! Just say a prayer and we’ll be ok!” I said a quick prayer. Just after that I was so tired that I let go of the buoy and went under the water. One of my other teammates later told me she had a prompting to grab on to me. She grabbed my leg and pulled me back and held me up so I wouldn’t drown. Thankfully the lifeguards eventually got to everyone and pulled us back in.  Everyone was ok. The paramedics took one of my teammates to the hospital and there were a few more minor injuries but we were ok. There was a point that I thought we were truly going to die. I believe that we were being watched over by Heavenly Father and that His hand was there to rescue us. I learned two very important lessons that day. One, to not have any regrets. Don’t hold grudges. If I had lost my life that day without being able to apologize or repent I would not have been able to forgive myself. Live your life to the fullest and do your best, enjoy every day because you never know when something will happen that will end it. The second lesson I learned is the importance of friends. I’m so grateful for my friend who put our needs before her own and asked the lifeguards to save us first. She’s a great example to me.  I’m grateful for friends that are in tune with the spirit to know when I need help. We all need friends who encourage us to keep going and to not give up. Lastly, we need friends who will hug us and comfort us in our successes and failures. I am so grateful to know that our Heavenly Father is watching over us. I know that He cares for each one of us individually and has the power to save us physically and spiritually.”
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Hi! My name's Kate Verhaaren. I'm going to be a Senior at Skyline High School. I love to draw, write, play sports, and sleep. I also love looking for opportunities to spread the gospel and help others!

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