Ruby Girl is the ONLY website for LDS Young Women with articles written BY girls, for girls.

We are a community of Latter-day Saint girls who believe that your value is FAR more than rubies- you are priceless!

We hope that as you spend time here at Ruby Girl you will come to recognize that you have a divine mission; that you were sent to earth to fulfill this mission because God believes in you! 

Your Heavenly Parents sent you to earth at this time because they need you here – and so do we!

We are so glad you’re here, exchanging ideas, working through problems together, sharing faith and building friendships.

Your participation in Ruby Girl can be just the influence another Ruby Girl needs in her life!  We are so glad you’re here!

Your suggestions, submissions and comments are welcome. While our site is based on the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we welcome readers and contributors of all faiths!

If you have suggestions or would like to contribute an article, email contact@rubygirl.org

The Faces Behind Ruby Girl

Kristen Walker Smith, Director

Kristen Walker Smith is the director of Ruby Girl and host of the One Minute Scripture Study podcast.

Kristen loves the youth of the Church and has enjoyed teaching them as an EFY and seminary teacher.

When she has free time Kristen enjoys eating unhealthy amounts of peanut butter, reading Elder Holland talks, and rock climbing . . . not at the same time.


Erika, Blog Content Editor

Erika loves to read books and poetry, as well as write her own.  She loves spending time with family and friends.  She also loves loom knitting scarves for friends and family. 

Erika firmly believes that words have great power.  If used correctly, whether it be in books, movies, poetry, or music, they can change the world!

The same goes for women, never underestimate them!

Madison, Social Media Manager

Madison is a lover of old movies, good literature, chocolate ice cream, and world travel.  

Madison enjoys studying at college and spending time with family when she’s home in Texas.  She believes in the importance of empowering all young girls to dream big and know their worth.