Ruby Girl helps latter-day girls UNPLUG from Satan’s lies and PLUG INTO a happy, truth-filled life!

We know that as a mom you do everything you can to teach and protect your daughter.  

But then she walks out the door and BAM!  She’s faced with:

– mean girls

– social media

– peer pressure

– comparison

– and so much more!

That’s why we aim to be an outside resource that helps your daughter SEE who she really is and EMPOWERS her to come closer to Christ. 

The Faces Behind Ruby Girl

Kristen Walker Smith, Director

Kristen Walker Smith is the director of Ruby Girl and co-host of the One Minute Scripture Study podcast.

Kristen loves the youth of the Church and has enjoyed teaching them as an EFY and seminary teacher.

Kristen is a reformed self-critic who struggled for YEARS with low confidence and body image issues.  She LOVES to help girls avoid the many, many emotional pitfalls that marked her teenage years!