6 Books I love

|Anne Wolfe, 18|

I love reading. I am always looking for new books, but I thought I would share some that I love. I mean other than The Book of Mormon and Harry Potter. 😉

Lord of the Flies

A fiction book written by William Golding. A plane full of schoolboys crashes onto an uncivilized island. The boys are alone. They attempt to make their own society, but disagreement and anger lead to loss and disaster.

I know many people who really don’t like this book, but I really enjoyed reading it. It isn’t too long. I think it really shows that we need to be lead by good people and have divine guidance and help (like religion). It is sad to see what happens, but again, that is the lesson of contention. Be warned that this book deals with some frightening things like war and death.


A fiction book written by Kathrine Rundell. Sophie was an orphan. Or at least everyone thought that her mother had perished in a shipwreck. Sophie didn’t believe it was so, and when the child agency threatens to take her away from her guardian, she goes looking for her mother.

Even though this is considered a children’s book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. The best way to describe the way I felt while reading this was whimsical and magical. It wasn’t too long, and again, it is targeted towards children, so it is not as complex and mature as some other books you may generally read.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory

A memoir written by Caitlin Doughty. This book is so interesting. Caitlin leads you into her world of death and shares experiences, stories, and knowledge that she has learned along the way.

This book was super interesting. As a society, we stay away from the topic of death and it was so interesting to read about someone who has to deal with it every day. The author is very intelligent and her writing is very good. She explained things well and added lots of interesting facts and funny stories. I know basically nothing about the dealings with the funeral industry, so that was really interesting and enlightening. Be warned: this book is morbid. The author talks about burning corpses and other things that could be a little unsettling to read about. Also, there is a bit of bad language in this book, but not a lot.

For Every One

A poetry book written by Jason Reynolds. This is a book for the dreamers.

I love Jason Reynolds’ writing. He has a lot of really good books that are worth a read. I really love this book. It is very short but so inspirational. It is a sort of letter/poem to all. Urging us to dream, to do, to live. It doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 51. Such an uplifting read.

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

A children’s book written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. A book for his new son, Jeffers is explaining this world.

This book is so sweet. I really love it. The illustrations are so cute and the whole book makes me so happy.

Of Mice and Men

A fiction book written by John Steinbeck. George and Lennie are drifters looking for work. They find work at a ranch, but their hopes of getting their own land are dashed away as problems arise with Lennie.

This story is considered a classic. It is quite short but still interesting. I was a bit sad at the end, but I was also conflicted thinking about what I would have done. There is some bad language in this book.

What are some of your favorite books? What do you think about the ones I love?

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