Young Women in Amsterdam

Meike is one of the miamaids in my ward here in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I loved asking her some questions about her life in the young women’s program and hope you learn something from her amazing example!

Tell me about yourself: My name is Meike and I’m 15-years-old. I have a sweet younger sister who is 12 and a funny older brother who is 17. I really like playing games, watching movies, listening to music, shopping and spending time with my family. I also love chatting with my best friends!

What do you like about the Young Women’s program? I like that the subjects of the lessons are really relatable to the difficulties that girls today may be struggling with. I also like that you can apply these lessons to yourself.

How do you keep high standards? I try to be with friends that respect my standards and have high standards themselves. I also try to only be in situations where I can feel the Spirit. Praying also helps!

What do you think about Personal Progress and how do you work on it? I love Personal Progress! I’m not always excited to work on a project or experience, but when I finish one or more it always brings me a good feeling. It also makes my Young Women’s leaders happy too! I also like that everybody can decide for themselves if and what they want to improve. Every young woman can choose things they want to improve on in their own lives—like faith, scripture study, integrity, etc. This makes it personal. That is why I love it so much!

Sometimes it is hard to work on an experience or project because of homework or other things in life. I try to set goals to help me finish what I’m working on. If you’re not good at setting goals just ask a friend, family member or one of your YW leaders. I also try to keep myself motivated by rewarding myself! I know it can be hard to make time for Personal Progress but it really is important for development in the Church and it helps us understand why we are here on earth.

What is your favorite scripture? My favorite scripture is the theme for this year: James 1:5:5-6. What I like about these scriptures is that if you need help or answers all you have to do is ask God. He will give help to everyone. The only thing he asks us to do is believe in Him. This scripture brings me comfort because I know if I have questions all I need to do is ask Heavenly Father. He will listen and help me.

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