You can do it

There has been a lot of talk recently about smashing the glass ceiling. A huge movement in female empowerment, which I have loved being part of. With the election of the first female vice president of the United States, there has been a general excitement showing women and girls all over the world that they can do anything.

This leads me onto my thoughts. Have a think for a moment, how many times have you been told that you can’t achieve something that you set out to do?

In high school, I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I went to uni. I had the university picked out and the course. All I needed was a specific grade to make it happen. When it came time to speak to my guidance counselor, like everyone had to, to make sure they were on the right track, she simply laughed and said I would never get the grade I needed, and I should consider alternatives.

There will be people in your life that tell you that you cant achieve something that you are working towards. To make it worse, people will tell you that you will never do that thing because you are a girl.

If I could impart any wisdom upon the female youth of this next generation it is this, your gender has nothing to do with what you can and cant achieve.

Do not let people tell you that you are the weaker sex.

Do not listen to others when they say ‘but you are a girl’

Do not believe the crowd when they push back against you for your gender.

Do show the world you are a powerful, strong and highly capable female.

Have you ever played a game of chess? Have you noticed that the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board?

We are indeed daughters of our Heavenly Father, endowed with incredible power and endless possibility. We are daughters of an almighty King, so let us take our rightful place as Princesses, destined to become Queens.

There is a reason that women are told that they cant achieve things. It is because the world is scared of what will change if they do. The world is comfortable where they are right now, but it is up to us to make the difference. This is the reason we need to achieve more than the world lets us believe we can.

You, as part of an educated and empowered generation have much to achieve and accomplish. In moments of doubt, be defiant against those who tell you that you cant, and prove to them that you can and will.

Not only can we achieve amazing things, we should encourage others to do the same. Help change the language of ‘you can’t do this’ to ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’.

I think of the all the amazing women throughout history and one comes to mind that is an amazing example of being able to achieve more through encouragement. Helen Keller wasn’t fortunate enough to have vision or hearing, but it didn’t stop her. When she was told no, her determination said yes. It only took one person to tell her that she could achieve more to get one on the right path to success.

I sometimes think of that guidance counselor that told me to look at other options and laugh. Little did she know she was the reason I worked hard enough to get into my chosen course and the motivation to graduate.

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