Have you ever just take the chance to lie on the grass and look at the sky? The way the clouds form, the blue contrasting against white fluffy masses on a sunny day. Or watched rain fall from clouds onto your face and just marvelled in the amazing scientific wonder that is rain, or clouds.

Admittedly, I’m pretty lucky where I live in Australia. We get blue skies for 80% of the year but it wasn’t until recently that I took a chance to just look at it. I know you won’t believe me, but I personally believe that the sky is more blue in my part of the world.

Proof the sky really is more blue in my part of the world (taken in my backyard)

This got me thinking about creation in general and how amazing the earth really is. We know that the earth was formed in 7 days (including a day of rest). We know the land was separated from the seas, and the light from dark. We know animals were created and then us, the most amazing masterpiece of all, created in His image.

If we take a moment to really think about how many moving parts are in the world, it really is mind blowing. Think about the things we have figured out about nature like photosynthesis, chemical reactions and how the human body works. Then think about the things we haven’t figured out yet. We don’t even know what more there is to discover!

Sometimes I contemplate space, and how there is no end. To my mind, this is unfathomable. Everything has to have an end, right? Apparently not. It is a wonderous expansive space that just keeps going, and going, and going. I can’t help but marvel in the wonder that we live in such an intricate and expansive universe.

Next time you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, stop for a moment and take a look around you. Have a look at all the intricate moving pieces that make this world work and just remember, Heavenly Father knows all. He has everything handled. He knows how everything works, so if we don’t at the moment, it is totally fine.

Just sit back, and enjoy the wonder.

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