What You Should Do When You Finish Personal Progress

Do it again!!

I know that may sound cheesy and I’m repeating exactly what the booklet and most leaders say to you, but it is so true. When you complete Personal Progress the first time, it can often feel as though you are just checking things off your to-do list so that you are off the hook when your leaders ask about Personal Progress. Or maybe you are doing it because your parents won’t let you get your license until you complete it. Or you think the medallion is a really nice necklace and you want it (it is very stylish). Although it is a good thing to do, you can get so much more out of it.

There is no pressure to complete Personal Progress for a second time. That decision is entirely up to you. By choosing to do it again, you are telling Christ and Heavenly Father, “I love you and I want to go the extra mile to become more like You and develop a closer relationship to You.”

When I chose to do Personal Progress again, I resolved to make it a private accomplishment. As I went through the process all over again, the only person who knew I was doing it was my mom and one of my young women’s leaders. I wanted this time around to be about me developing myself and becoming better for me and no one else. I didn’t want to do it for anyone else.

When I completed my booklet for the second time, I told my bishopric and my old young women’s leader. They asked me what I learned this time around and how it was different from the first time. I realized that although the fundamentals of the program are consistent, you learn something new every time you do it.  Just like reading the Book of Mormon or your patriarchal blessings. You always find something new and receive different promptings. There are additional experiences you didn’t complete the first time and there are endless value projects that can be done.

Through Personal Progress, I learned how much I need Christ in my life. An anonymous author once said, “Just get to Jesus, whether you walk, crawl, or someone carries you . Get to Jesus. Open your mouth and say His Name. He’ll be there.” I learned to lean on Him and to stand up for Him. I realized with each experience I did that Jesus Christ is my big brother, and like any big brother, He is looking out for me and loves me. I also realized that He is everyone’s big brother and if He wanted the best for them, it was my responsibility and privilege to act as his hands on Earth and uplift all our brothers and sisters.

To all mothers and daughters out there, I can testify that the Personal Progress program is heaven sent with the purpose to bring all of us sisters closer to each other and closer to our Father and Brother. Personal Progress prepares young women for temple marriages and celestial families. Use it.
How has Personal Progress changed your life? What are some of your favorite projects or experiences you have done?

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  • Keegan Hill
    July 5, 2016 at 10:34 am

    Wonderful commentary Kylie! I love your thoughts on the subject of Personal Progress. There are so many things that we can participate in to strengthen us spiritually, but the ones we truly invest ourselves in will always end up giving us the most in return. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Anne Wolfe
    July 5, 2016 at 11:20 am

    You can also try to get the Honor Bee after you finish your Personal Progress. To complete the Honor Bee you must do 40 hours of service and read the Book of Mormon again. I just finished my Honor Bee and I loved it. Reading the Book of Mormon again has helped me to get in a better habit of read the scriptures everyday.