What God thinks of you

|Victoria S., 22, Idaho|

Hey girl,

In a world of noise and loud voices, telling you to believe damaging things about yourself, how do you feel?

I encourage you to actually take a moment to reflect on that thought. And then forgive it.

You are more than the number on the scale, more than the color of your hair or skin or eyes or nails, more than the outfits you wear, more than the grades you get.

And God hand-picked YOU. Each hair on your head, He made for you. Each freckle on your skin. Each breath you breathe. It’s all made for you. How beautiful is that?? I know people can be mean. Trust me, I know. And sometimes, we are our own biggest bullies. Sometimes our self-talk is so much worse than anything anyone would dare to say out loud to our faces. And I get that it hurts. But, guess what? You have been created by the Creator Himself. And you have a specific purpose that He brought you here to do. You have a cause. You have meaning. And I would ask that you ask Him all about it.

“Heavenly Father, what do you think of me?” That is the question I asked and continue to ask anytime I need His perspective. It’s easy for us to see Satan’s perspective of us because it is so loud in the world today. In our faces. But seeking God’s perspective is a special practice that can bring lasting love for yourself. Lasting gratitude. He can help you be grateful for you and realize how truly rad you are.

Try it out and see what happens. Ask. And then listen. Watch for answers. Feel it. I’m excited for God to speak to you.


Victoria S.

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  • Kristen Walker Smith
    June 10, 2020 at 8:28 pm

    Victoria, this is so, so powerful!! Love it so much!