WE NEED YOU! Annual Father’s Day Ruby Girl Dance Video– DEADLINE June 15th!

Want to be part of something fun? For American Father’s Day on June 18th we’re putting together a father/daughter dance video and we’d love your help. Send us a clip of you dancing with your dad (or grandpa or uncle or a group of girls with their bishop) and we’ll combine them all for a worldwide RubyGirl dance party. Everyone knows Dad’s have the goofiest dance moves so let’s put them together in a video that will make us all laugh.


We’re using a song from 1977, “The Best of My Love” — from the Emotions.

Cell phone videos are just fine but be sure to turn your phone horizontally so we have a nice wide image. And look for nice lighting! We want to see your faces.

Please send only 10-30 seconds of footage. We’ll use the very funniest moments in the video. You can watch last year’s video to get ideas.

Make sure your dad/grandpa/bishop brings out his silliest moves!

Once you have a video clip (do it today!) email it to rubygirlorg@gmail.com.

We need all videos by JUNE 15th.

Ready, set, DANCE!

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EDITOR I'm the kind of mom who drives through mud puddles, throws pumpkins off the roof and lets the kids move the ping pong table into the kitchen for the summer. Despite (or probably, because of) my immaturity, my five sons and one daughter are happy, thriving, funny people. I'll climb a mountain with you, jump into a freezing lake hand-in-hand or just sit with you while you cry. I believe the gospel of Jesus Christ will heal the earth.

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