Walking with Faith

Recently, I was able to go on Trek with my stake.
At first I mourned and ached at the fact that I would be having to walk so many miles each day and that I wouldn’t have the technology I thought I needed.  My mom was also going on Trek as a “Ma” and begged me to have a good attitude and push through the week.  As the day to leave came close my whining increased.  I knew that if I didn’t go my mom, a pioneer lover, would never forgive me so I pushed myself to fake a smile.
As I left home at 4:30 that morning my attitude was awful, I was not excited at all.  My sister and I forced a smile on our face and because we were so tired we were laughing and practically hallucinating.  On the bus ride I said a prayer that I would be able to get at least something out of this “crazy experience.”
As we arrived I spotted a cute boy who I had never seen, which gave me hope to push to be more excited and happy.  Not that this boy meant anything to me, but because of him I put a little more energy into my Trek family and the trails.  That day we walked 6 miles through creeks and across the hot plains.  That day I had no aching in my feet and not even the slightest sunburn on my cheeks – my Heavenly Father knew what I needed, a few simple miracles.
I have very few LDS friends I constantly talk to and consider close to me, which is sometimes difficult.  Entering Trek I believed I had very few people who were LDS that knew of me and considered me a friend.  Throughout the entire Trek experience I had people I had never officially met, talk to me constantly and have interest in me.  Not only did I not receive any sunburns and injuries but I felt very loved in a different way.
Even though my experience was not the most spiritual experience in my opinion, it was truly a blessing.  Through water fights, and endless long chats and many wonderful pioneer testimonies I learned of fitting in my stake and community.  I learned of my belonging in my church and my Heavenly Father knew that was exactly what I needed.  Less of a testimony meeting and more of simple true miracles changed me as I walked on my pioneer trek.  Our Heavenly Father knows what we need and when we absolutely can’t go without it, and I have learned of that truth.

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