Uncovering the Real You

|Christina R., 18, Arizona|

When I went into Junior High my mom allowed me to start wearing makeup. She bought me some basics and sat down to talk with me. She said that makeup was meant to enhance one’s beauty and to make you feel more confident, not cover up my face or hide who I am. She told me to never wear makeup to impress someone else but to wear it for me.

I know as a teenage girl it’s tough to feel beautiful sometimes, and sometimes there’s a boy to impress, but I have realized throughout high school that it is not just about the outside appearances. People recognize kind hearts and sweet personalities more than we think. So, I decided to not just put on makeup to make me feel more beautiful, I also served others more and strengthened my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I found that the closer I felt with them, the more I loved myself.

During my freshman year, in my prayers, I would often ask for “confidence in and through Christ.” If I had confidence or faith in Christ, I would have a testimony of His great Atonement and in turn have confidence in the fact that I am not perfect, but through Him, I can be. If I had confidence through Christ, I would be allowing Him to reach me and help me to feel His love and grow to love myself.

Girls, this week I challenge you to focus on your inner beauty, instead of applying more makeup, apply more service to your life. Explore what makes you happy and what makes you feel confident. As you focus on these things you will be filled with peace and know your worth. You are so beautiful to your Heavenly Father. You are His and He made you. You know what, He can’t make mistakes. You are meant to be you and you are meant to shine. People will see your light, they will recognize what you have to offer and the goodness inside you. Makeup isn’t bad, but that’s not what gives you worth, that’s not what defines you. Don’t cover up who you are anymore, you are meant to stand out and make a difference!

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  • Kristen Walker Smith
    June 10, 2020 at 8:35 pm

    Couldn’t agree more with this! Such great insights and testimony!