Today is a Good Day.

A girl throwing her hands in the air while walking through a forest hallway.

I’m declaring today to be a good day. Why? Well, why shouldn’t it be?

There are days that are hard and days that seem to go on forever. Days that are 24 hours long and sleep really isn’t happening (like my today). Days where everything in the world seems to go wrong. BUT even those days are good days.

Good days are days where there are things that you smile or laugh at. They are days that you find a chance to show someone you love them. Good days are days where you do something, even if that something is plain old sleep or running so many errands you forget what you’ve done throughout the day.

My today, has lots of reasons to be bad. I was stuck in traffic for a long time. I didn’t get time to spend with my family. My family is half-way around the world in one of my favorite places, celebrating life without me. I had to work. I woke up way before I wanted it. I forgot to eat dinner. And I still haven’t eaten it. I had to go grocery shopping. Computers are failing and I am swimming in deep water. I left my coconut oil in the car, and now it is all melted. Everything is oily. I’m sure I’ll have to clean tomorrow, and my to do list is so long that I’d rather just tear it up and make a new one with only the things on it that I can remember.

BUT, today is a good day.

There isn’t any reason that today can’t be a good day. I spoke to many friends and colleagues. I got a lot of work done. I got lots of hugs! I received a dress in the mail. My phone case protected my phone as it slipped out of my hand. I ate a box of raisins. I twirled around in a circle or two. And skipped down the hall. But most importantly, today was a day where I was able to feel the Holy Ghost. That’s what ultimately made my today good.

Why is today good for you?

(I’m excited for tomorrow to be a good day too.)

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A half-Swede, half-American who loves hiking, biking and all things family. Currently, I am at BYU studying computers and business (information systems). At the end of the day though, I love putting away the technology and being with those around me, making memories and laughing.

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