To the girl who doesn’t feel capable of “killing it”

|Victoria S. 22, Idaho|

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of posts about the New Year and how amazing 2020 and this new decade are going to be. Maybe you’ve even participated just as much in the exciting conversations about “vision, next big steps, goal crushing, etc.”
“You’re brain cannot physically tell the difference between reality and imagination. So if reality isn’t working for you, try imagination!” – Amy Earle

But let me ask you…did the clock strike midnight and you didn’t feel a difference with the new year? You didn’t feel a “New year, new you”?

I mean really, the whole New Year tradition is kind of arbitrary.

Did you still feel scared? Do you now?

Maybe you feel afraid of not having enough money to make your goals happen. Maybe you don’t feel strong enough. Maybe you don’t think you have what it takes or that you keep setting goals and nothing works out?

I get it. I’m speaking to you in real time from my own heart.

Here’s the thing:

It’s not an issue with your finances. It’s not a problem with your weight or looks. It’s not a complication with your relationships or status. It’s an obstacle from within.

A worthiness issue.

But here’s the tea:

You ARE worthy.

You are capable and worthy of everything you could ever want or dream up.

You have a God that hand-picked every part of you from the inside out and He does not make mistakes.

And you CAN do big things in 2020 and truly make this “your year”.

But only if you believe in it.

I know. Victoria, how do I just magically believe in myself?

You don’t. And in fact, you’re not supposed to. Growth wouldn’t be growth if it was that instantaneous. You take steps. And here’s your first step.

Write down – pen to paper – all the things YOU did in the last year for yourself. Right down to the littlest things that you would otherwise write off as insignificant. It matters. Write it down. And keep that list and review it anytime you feel like you haven’t done anything.

YOU did that. And you can do it again.

And so much more!

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  • Kristen
    May 20, 2020 at 8:53 am

    New favorite quote, “ You have a God that hand-picked every part of you from the inside out and He does not make mistakes.”. So fabulous!!