Three Habits that Will Change Your Life

It’s not an easy “get rich” scheme where you click a button and find yourself living the perfect life. But, if you actually do these habits, things inside and outside of you will change seemingly magically.

Right now I’m in a singles ward at BYU and waiting on my mission call. In an interview with Bishop, he gave me three habits to commit to, which I scribbled inside the cover of my pocket Book of Mormon. Doing these habits in the middle of a busy life would help me make the transition to be a missionary now rather than in the overwhelming environment of actually being a missionary. However, these commitments have much less to do with being a missionary than being a happy person.

1— Read the Book of Mormon for 30 minutes a day.

Reading scriptures daily is a common practice in the church, and even though not all of us can make it everyday, most of us try to. And in my opinion, it’s okay to substitute another standard work. The more tricky part of it is the time commitment, but for those of us who are Apple users, we now see our screen time in numbers at the end of each week. Just imagine if we could switch those 15 minutes of Pinterest scrolling with the Gospel Library? Well we can! And the results show.

2— Go to the temple every week.

I live in a city that has two temples within a 40 minute walk. This might be out of reach for people living in other places where temples aren’t so accessible. If your temple is a little out of reach, make this commitment: Seriously and legitimately try to get to the temple each week. Even if you can only walk around the grounds, do confirmations, or ponder in the lobby. The act of being there will impact your life regardless.

3— Engage in sincere prayer twice daily.

At least in my own life, I’ve seen how impactful prayer can become after I stopped letting it fall by the wayside. It can be easy to mutter a quick prayer and say that it counts. The thing is, it doesn’t matter whether or not it “counts.” What matters is the personal connection we make with our Father. One way I’ve been able to solidify my prayers is by recording them in a notebook. It’s helped me understand my the things I’m thankful for and the things I fear. It’s also a fantastic way to look back and see my struggles of the past and how I’ve changed.


What are some habits that bring you closer to the Lord?

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