I grew up 14 miles from the Los Angeles Temple.  I loved visiting the Temple to do baptisms for the dead.  The Los Angeles Temple also has a nice Visitors Center and I enjoyed spending time there.  I would sometimes borrow the family car and drive over to walk around the grounds and watch movies in one of the little theater rooms.  It was such a peaceful place and I loved the view of Los Angeles from the Temple grounds.  I think I heard that when the LA Temple was dedicated it was the tallest building in the area (truth or myth?!?).

Last fall I attended the Hartford Connecticut Temple open house; once with the youth in our ward and once with a friend who was interested in seeing a Mormon Temple.  It’s a beautiful Temple.  The detail work is stunning.  It’s a bit less than two hours from my home in Boston so on Saturday I made the drive and did some Temple work.  I was looking for a peaceful place to spend some time.

If you want to feel peace, the temple is one of the best places to go. If you don’t live near enough to go to a temple whenever you want, create a sacred space where you can think about living in such a way that you will be worthy to enter a temple when you are near one.

Photo of Hartford Connecticut Temple taken by Ellen Patton on March 25, 2017


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