The Small Voice in Our Loud World

My older sister Jaslyn recently left to serve her mission in Antofagasta, Chile and is currently in the Mexico MTC.  In her very first email, she wrote…

“On my first flight out of Salt Lake, there was a cute girl that ended up in line behind me in the Salt Lake and Las Vegas Airports. I had talked to her multiple times in my broken Spanish (the gift of tongues is real). Then on the flight to Mexico, Elder Rupe (a missionary traveling on my same flight) said that it would be really cool if we had a Spanish Book of Mormon to give to her. Then I was like….. ‘No way, my grandma gave me a Spanish Book of Mormon to read before I came so that I would learn Spanish!!!’ So we pulled the BoM out and I wrote my testimony in it and when we got to Mexico, I tried to give it to her but they made all visitors (us) go in one line while all of the citizens of Mexico (the cute girl) went down another hall…. So I thought all was lost because we had to go through customs and sign a bunch of papers and exchange currency, etc etc….  Then I saw her again while waiting for our luggage! So I went and talked to her about how the gospel makes me happy and then we were talking about missions and how we can only email once a week and I gave her my email so that she could email me!

“Fast forward to today when I finally read my emails! She told me she read some of the Book of Mormon and wants to read more!! So ya, the Lord not only helped me to see her and be brave enough to talk with her, but He prompted my grandma to give me her Spanish Book of Mormon, and He prompted Elder Rupe to tell me to give the cute girl a Book of Mormon!

“Amazing things happen when everyone does their part in listening to the spirit!”

In a world as loud as ours, listening to the spirit is not always easy. This is why stopping and taking the time and effort to listen and obey His words is essential. By doing this, we are showing him that we are striving to be closer to Him and inviting Him into our lives and strengthening our ability to hear and recognize promptings.

In ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ we are told that Mary’s lamb follows her everywhere she goes and in the fourth verse (which is constantly overlooked) we are told that the lamb follows Mary because she loved him first. In this case, we must follow the Savior because He loved us first and wants to grow closer to us.

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I encourage you to take a moment each day to focus on allowing the spirit to be a part of your busy, busy life.


What are some ways that you can invite Him into your life? How can you continually strive to be closer to Him?

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I am never on time and I always have room for pizza and dessert. When I’m not swamped with school, music (piano and flute) and soccer, I love exploring Salt Lake, hanging out with my friends and spending time with my three siblings. I don’t believe in leaving my house without a smile because I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and created me to have joy!

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