The Problem in India, and What You Can do About It

One thing the world can pretty much agree on is this: There are a lot of problems on this planet. Some people have no food, or a family to support them.
Pretty much everybody understands this, and if you’re a decent person, you probably want to help out, at least a little bit.
Well here’s how you can. (specifically in India)
A few weeks back I watched Oscar nominated film, Lion and it brought to my attention a widespread problem in India, in which children lose their families and are never able to return to them. Millions of little kids wander around large and dangerous cities, and most don’t make it to adulthood. At the end of the film, text on the screen refers you to, where you can donate money to the millions of children that get lost in India every year.
Here are some of the sites Lion offers, where you can donate as much as you feel like at the time:

These links offer additional information about the work of helping children on today’s streets (you can donate through these links also):

If you find yourself lacking funds to donate, don’t worry! You can offer in small numbers or big numbers. Or you can just read the information each site offers about the missing children in India.
The world is getting pretty wild, and children losing their families is sadly only one of the major issues. Fortunately, God has blessed many of us to be in a good position to help. After all, serving our fellow men means that we are serving our God Himself.

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