The Lord Comforts Everyone

How can I be fully converted to the Lord? How can you strengthen your faith by depending more on the Lord?

The truth is, you hear all of these stories of people who have gone through terrible times and have been comforted and guided by Christ, but the guidance doesn’t always come in ways we can understand, and not right away. So how can you still have faith and continue to pray and rely on Christ and our Heavenly Father if our answers don’t come in ways we want or feel we need them to?

Praying brings people comfort. It’s something that can help you keep hope in times when you feel there is no hope.

I lost my grandmother almost two months ago and although I was very upset, it brought me comfort to think that she is happier and not suffering anymore. Her beautiful soul can finally meet the Christ that she loves very much. I know that the comfort I received after losing my grandmother has made me feel closer to my Heavenly Father.

How can you softly remind your peers that not only you, but the Lord is here for them? One thing I do not only with people within my Young Women’s community, is letting them know I am here for them. This way, if they need to, they feel comfortable talking to me. Praying for them–and if they are a part of the church, reminding them that our Christ and Heavenly Father are always answering our prayers. If they aren’t a part of the church, comforting them and praying that they can find comfort.

 Finally, accept that everyone has trouble with faith and that’s ok and normal. There’s no reason to beat yourself up because even the most faithful people you know have gone through times where they don’t immediately go to the Lord. Everyone has times when they have trouble, and times when they thrive.

I hope this week you think about how in hard times you can find comfort and guidance from the lord, and how you can help your peers do so as well.

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