The Color Green

My friendship with the sister missionaries that serve in my stake has been growing lately. They are absolutely incredible! I aspire to be as hard working and willing as they are (I encourage you to get to know sister missionaries near you)! Recently, they shared a metaphor that I love! Their idea came from Jill Thomas when she gave a speech called “Seeing Green” (you can find it on

In this metaphor, there is a master that wants us to learn and to grow. He has two colors, blue and yellow. He puts people in the blue which is full of all of the happy things in life, such as acing a hard test, meeting a cute boy, or serving others. The master then puts people in the yellow which is all things sad, like getting in a car accident, losing your cute earrings, or stubbing your toe on the leg of a table. In life, the master, God, puts us in the blue and then the yellow. Our goal is to look at the good and the bad (blue and yellow) and recognize that they are part of us and we can’t change that. We need the good AND the bad in order to become our best versions of ourselves. Sometimes, it is hard to understand why things that make us sad are important for us. As I have been pondering that question, I realized that the answer was right in front of me all along! We have the easy, blue things to help us to know what joy is like. With this joy, we are able to spread the light of Christ to others. Then, we have hard, sad, yellow things that help us to sympathize with others and that teach us how to consistently turn to our Savior, Jesus Christ. When meshed together, the blue and yellow areas become the green area. The green area is where we recognize the good and the bad, but we know it’s okay because we know it is part of Heavenly Father’s plan.


This is one of my favorite pictures. It is of Christ reaching into the water because He is about to pull you out of the depths of the sea. I love this picture because we don’t need to fear the yellow things in life! We can face them with Christ’s help. We don’t need to be scared or discouraged because our lifeguard walks on water. He won’t let us completely drown in the sea of life if we decide to reach up and take His hand. He helps us to see the beauty of living in the green area of life! This beauty includes knowing the true joy of turning to Christ and allowing him to teach us, understanding why trials are part of life, and taking His hand in an effort to truly become converted and Christ-like. In recognizing these benefits, we see that the color green, not blue or yellow, is the goal.


What are the blue, yellow, and green areas in your life? How has recognizing that green is the goal helped you to get through a trial? 

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I am never on time and I always have room for pizza and dessert. When I’m not swamped with school, music (piano and flute) and soccer, I love exploring Salt Lake, hanging out with my friends and spending time with my three siblings. I don’t believe in leaving my house without a smile because I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and created me to have joy!

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