Snoozing through Scripture Study? Let’s Talk.

It’s a familiar scenario. You get your scriptures out, you have a highlighter and you are ready to dive in for some great scripture reading. You get a few verses in and your thoughts begin to wander. “I’m hungry. When was the last time I ate? Do we have any Twinkies?” Is it just me on the Twinkie thing? Moving on. “What was I just reading? I better just start over.”

Thus begins your unproductive scripture study. If you cannot relate to this I’m so proud of you—please share your wisdom in the comments! For the rest of us let’s talk.

It took some time for me to figure out a workable routine for scripture study. If reading the scriptures was so essential why was it so difficult? I decided to look at what I was currently doing.

  1. Reading my scriptures at night. For me there were several things wrong with this. The biggest factor being I was really tired.
  2. I was sitting in bed. ALERT: Bed=Sleep. Another bad combination for scripture reading.
  3. I wasn’t consistent. Remembering what I read days before made it hard to follow a storyline.
  4. I used my phone. Other notifications would come up totally taking my mind away from what I was reading. So hard to concentrate.

After realizing that basically everything I was doing was working against me I decided to figure out a better way.

  1. I start with a prayer. Asking for the Spirit to be with me is mandatory.
  2. I read right after I eat lunch. This is where I have the time and I’m not tired. Plus I’m not thinking about food J
  3. I sit at my kitchen table in a hard, wooden chair. Amazing how this one detail has helped so much.
  4. I have scripture study DAILY. Even if it is just 5 verses I do it every day. This way I’m not trying to remember if so-in-so was a good guy or a bad guy.
  5. I put my phone out of sight and use a hard copy of the scriptures. I also use a study guide that asks questions about what I’ve just read. This really helps keep my mind on track. (Free and

for-purchase study guides can be found on Pinterest or LDS Stores).

My advice, figure out what works for you and stick with it. Don’t be afraid to make changes! There is so much goodness in the scriptures. Go and find it.

How do you scriptures study?

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  • Annalee
    August 13, 2016 at 8:18 am

    Thank you! I struggle with all these things!

  • Anne Wolfe
    August 13, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    One thing that has helped me is looking for something. For example looking for the different names for Christ. That has really helped me pay attention to the text more.