Ruby Girl Formal/Dance Dress Exchange!

OK, we’re trying out something fun here.

Everyone knows finding an appropriate dress for a dance or formal occasion feels next to IMPOSSIBLE. It’s perfect from the front, but there’s no back; it’s so adorable but only reaches to mid-thigh; you find a gorgeous dress but it’s sheer everywhere

So, let’s help each other out. Do you have a dress in your closet just sitting there? Did you find some great dresses in high school and now you’ve graduated? Have you and your sisters worn the same dresses so many times every dance feels like déjà vu? Let’s combine our resources!

We’ve set up a secret Facebook group where you can list dresses for sale or exchange. You can choose whether to buy or borrow a dress and if you list your own, you can choose whether you want to loan it out or sell it. We’re going to leave the exchange of money up to you. We do ask that anyone who borrows a dress pays shipping costs both ways and dry cleans the dress before returning.

Just wait until you see the dresses already listed on our page and modeled by our own lovely and talented Jane. I’ll admit– I wanted to just buy all three of the dresses for the future when my daughter starts attending dances. But…. try not to think of it as just a great way to stash a beautiful dress in your closet. If you borrow a dress, try to list one of your own. If you buy a dress, sell it or loan it to someone else once you have worn it. Ideally, these dresses will travel around the country and be featured in beautiful photos and happy memories.

Wouldn’t it be fun to send a notebook with each dress and have each person who wears it write down the dance or event they attended and a story about the night? Kind of like the sisterhood of the traveling pants?

If you’d like to join our secret Facebook group, please message me, Michelle Lehnardt, on Facebook and include a sentence or two so I know you aren’t a creepy stalker. We really want to keep this group safe and happy. I know FB isn’t very cool for teenagers anymore, so if you don’t have a FB account, please ask a parent to join the group for you.

Ready, set, GO! This will be fun.

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  • Jane Tallmadge
    February 25, 2017 at 6:49 am

    Glad to see this is up and running! My prom dress for this year just arrived as well, so when I’m done with it I’ll probably be passing it along!