August 24, the day that I would begin my Junior year of high school.

I know I was a little bit excited for school, to see my friends and such, but overall I was not excited for the start of hard classes and long days. Before I walked through the doors to find my schedule and awaiting classmates I made myself a few promises. Less of goals and more promises to myself.

If any of you know me, you know I am a little sassy and in general just a harsh person. It’s something I wish I wasn’t, but as we all know, we have flaws. Prior to entering those doors and beginning my school year, I thought of all the people and things I admire. I thought of my sister Albany, she is kind. I thought of my little cousin Sage, who is courageous and brave (as a little 4 year old should be).

I thought of many others in my life that have such amazing attributes. I promised myself that I would be brave and talk to people I had never met or seen. I promised myself that I would be kind to everyone (at least try) and to look past other people’s flaws and mistakes. Lastly, I promised to be myself, and even if it involved a few quick and witty remarks.

I promised myself, that I would try my hardest to become more like my Heavenly Father, through trying my best to apply these amazing attributes from some of the people I admire. I recommend you look out and praise other’s amazing attributes. In one of my favorite quotes says,

“learn to admire someone else beauty without questioning your own” Unknown.

If we learn that we all have flaws and strengths and use them for more than just feeling upset, we will strive in the image of our God.


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