Printable Baptism Talk: Do Good, Be Good

When my oldest child was getting baptized I felt overwhelmed about giving his baptism talk.

Now I LOVE giving talks, but I knew the pressure was on to make the talk short, interesting, and memorable.

Easier said than done.

Luckily the Spirit (and my mom!) helped me figure out a simple talk that:

  1. Involves the other kids in the room (instantly makes you a superstar with them since they’re all fidgeting and bored)
  2. Uses visual aids (another boredom buster that makes you a hero!)
  3. Helps make the baptismal covenants SO easy to understand (super helpful since phrases like “mourn with those that mourn” fly right over an 8-year-old’s head)

I hope you enjoy this free printable talk and visual aides!

Grab it here!

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