My favorite Uplifting songs for your quarantine playlist

I know that quarantine can often put us in a gloomy and unhappy mood. However, I have three beautiful and uplifting songs from the 2020 Youth theme album to add to your quarantine playlist that will definitely lift your mood and help you feel closer to our Heavenly Father. 

The first uplifting song is “Reaching Out” by Isabella Hixson. In this beautiful song, Isabella touches us with her lovely vocals, which are accompanied by the piano and violin. This song reminds us that Heavenly Father wants to help us through it all, and all we have to do is reach out to him with an open heart. A lyric that stood out to me is when she says, “ He will stay by your side and warm you with his light” When we feel like we have gone astray from his light He will always be there to stretch out his hand to bring us back to the light. 

The next song is a bit different. In the song “Lonely” by Case Rutter, we hear a more catchy chorus and a lot of pop, making it easier to sing along to. This song can uplift us with its lyrics or with its lively upbeat melody. In this song, the chorus really caught my attention by saying, “ If you keep him in your heart, he will be there where you are”  Case is telling us that as long as we keep the Savior in our heart he will stay by our side and thus never making us lonely! He will be there through it all and there is no need to feel alone when we have the Lord.

The last song, but certainly not least is “Listening” by Je Eun Jun, another song with a beautiful voice and a strong piano to accompany it. As we progress to the chorus we hear drums and a little country-influenced guitar to lift us up along with the strong message behind the song. The message is short yet powerful. “He is listening”. No matter how much we feel like we are not being heard, or we feel like no one in this world full of people, we must remember the simple words from Je Eun Jun. He is listening to us, so pour out your heart to Him and He will listen no matter what because he loves us. He is here for us, He wants to help us, He is waiting for us, He is listening.

I truly believe that music has the power to move us in ways we can barely begin to comprehend. It can and will bring us closer to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. To me, these three songs give me so much hope for the world today. They give me hope that all of us can, and will, overcome the effects of this worldwide quarantine if we only have the courage to begin “Reaching Out” when we feel “Lonely”, and start “Listening” to His voice.

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  • Kristen
    April 26, 2020 at 4:03 pm

    What an uplifting playlist!! Love this!!

  • Tupou McKinzie
    April 26, 2020 at 9:48 pm

    This was so we’ll written and uplifting. Bro McKinzie and I couldn’t be any prouder of you. We love you!