Luke 1:27 “For with God nothing shall be impossible”

Heavenly Father will never give us a challenge that we cannot handle.  That being said, we were never meant to handle them on our own.  He is our Father, we are His children, and He is waiting anxiously to help us.  We just need to reach out to Him.  We have free agency, so He will never force His divine help upon us.  If “ye have faith as a mustard seed”, it will be enough.  You just have to be humble enough to call upon God.


Hear me God, I pray to Thee,

I cannot walk this path alone.

I wish I could say to thee, “Lord, I believe.”

But I am only flesh and bone.


I thought that I was strong enough

To do this by myself.

But life, I discovered, is much too tough

For a sinner with worldly wealth.


I seek Thee now, O Father above,

I place myself in thy hands.

Help me feel Thy eternal love

Help me to trust Thy eternal plans.


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Hi! I'm 20 years old studying at Brigham Young University. I love fried rice, lacrosse, volleyball, and everything related to Elvis.

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