Light The World

You may have already heard about the Church’s campaign during the month of December called, “Light the World”. It is a month-long initiative to serve others the way our Savior did. On LDS.ORG and you can find videos, scriptures and other material geared toward this amazing cause. The question you may be asking: Is this for older people? How does this affect me? What can I do?

If you feel like this is for older people you couldn’t be further from the truth. This is designed to touch the lives of people of every age and situation. Think of those you encounter every day. Family, friends, acquaintances, teachers, your bus driver, the lunch lady, a neighbor or family you babysit. Of all these people are there any you think may be in need of comfort, help or kindness? Probably all of them.

I want to invite you to visit the websites listed above and think of ways you can start implementing #LightTheWorld in your life starting today. No money is required to serve. A simple, “Hello, how are you?”, encouraging text message, not complaining, expressing gratitude or taking time out of your life to spend with someone in need will go a long way. You may not see how far your light will shine but even a tiny flicker is seen in the darkness.

“There is in each of us so much goodness that if we could see it glow, it would light the world.” Sam Friend

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