Life is Like Student Housing

I love Pinterest.  I would have to say it is my favorite social media.  I love looking up clothes and quotes and photos of places in the world I day dream of visiting and I really love creating my made up, not real, amazing, house.  On Pinterest I have hundreds of pins of wood flooring, paint colors, back splashes, kitchens with stoves worthy of The Cooking Channel and everything else I think is essential for a lovely home.

In reality I live in a 600 sq. ft, cinder block, student housing apartment.  Our stove is about one point five feet wide by three feet tall and no baking pans actually fit inside. An off white/yellow/bland paint color covers the walls, baseboards, cupboards, shelves and even parts of the floor. We don’t have carpet, or wood flooring and the AC is a window unit that we take in and out during winter and summer months.

But this small cinderblock palace is our home. We have found rugs to cover the floors and pictures to cover the bland paint and baking pans small enough to fit into the miniature oven. We have created memories in the day to day events that take place within the walls of our small home.  This is the place I am learning to cook – the place I dumped many a meal into the trash and where I have tried to perfect chocolate chip cookies.  Between these walls my husband has studied for some of the most important tests he would take as a student. This is where we pray as a couple each day. Where we have talked late into the night about careers, family, finances and the gospel.  

Most of the events that have taken place have been day to day, mundane and regular.  And that is why I think life is a lot more like student housing than Pinterest. Life has parts that are regular and mundane, we have stains we are working to remove or feel we must hide and there are times we don’t feel that we are glamorous the way we see others on Pinterest or Instagram.

My husband just finished medical school (cheer!) but he is starting a very vigorous residency in just a few short weeks.  I work full time and we are working to pay off student loans and save money.  Sometimes, after spending a little too much time online shopping or on social media I get caught up thinking about all the things I need and want to buy.  But I remind myself that this phase of life is one where we are working hard in school and careers, saving money and need to value our educational opportunities.  Of course we are young and should enjoy life everyday – there is so much to enjoy but I don’t need to compare my life to Pinterest.

There are days that seem unimportant, my apartment seems plain and aged.  But as I look back on the last two years in our home I remember only happiness. I don’t think this happiness would be different if our cinder block palace had a giant oven or beautifully painted walls. Elder Maxwell said, “Routine, like trials, can bring us closer to God…  What seems commonplace seldom is.”  We must continue to draw near to Christ by finding holiness and reverence in what seems routine.

We are so very blessed to know of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and understand that his sacrifice will right all wrong and build me up when I am weak. As I remember that life is more like student housing I seek to find the Godliness in the day to day routine. 

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I met my husband walking to English class my freshman year at the University of Utah. He is a medical resident and I work full time doing marketing for a property management firm. We live at the base of Immigration Canyon in Salt Lake City and love being in the mountains. I love thick chocolate brownies, hand written notes and water skiing in the early morning. I speak Tagalog from my mission in the Philippines. I believe that life is an adventure.

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  • Lizzie Beth Robbins
    May 23, 2016 at 9:48 am

    This is something that I needed to hear. I am always finding myself constantly look at other people’s Instagram or am on Pinterest creating endless boards of what I want to have when I am older. I think many of us can get caught up with this- I know I am included. I loved how you shared about your home and how it has helped shape your testimony in a way and has given you knowledge of Christ, the Atonement, and happiness! Thanks for your perspective!