Is Not This Real?

The Book of Mormon contains a promise in Moroni 10:3-5, which is if you receive and ponder its teachings in your heart, then pray sincerely to know whether it is true, the Holy Ghost will testify of its truth to you.


I was remembering an experience I had a while ago when I finished reading the Book of Mormon. I did what Moroni invites us to do, and prayed for a confirmation of its truth. After my prayer, I opened the scriptures again and a verse stood out immediately to me:


“O then, is not this real? I say unto you, Yea, because it is light; and whatsoever is light is good, because it is discernible, therefore ye must know that it is good…”

-Alma 32:35


The phrase “O then, is not this real?” stood out to me especially, and I felt the Spirit as I realized that this scripture testifies clearly of the truth of the Book of Mormon. It was a special moment for me as I felt a further confirmation of its truth.


Reading this verse reminded me of a quote from a talk President Hinckley gave which I heard in seminary one morning: “It’s true, isn’t it? Then what else matters?”


I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it teaches the gospel of Christ and how to come unto Him. The gospel teaches us the importance of our relationship with God and our relationships with the people around us. I know it is real, and the Savior’s teachings are real, so what else matters?


Have you tested Moroni’s promise for yourself? Have you received a confirmation that the Book of Mormon is true?

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