Individual Beauty

~Post and photo by Becca, age 15

Recently I had a dream. This dream was long and very odd, but at the end, I found myself in a long tunnel watching three girls follow three other girls in the distance. Those girls in the distance had first started close to the ones farther away and were beautiful. Their forms and faces could change to show different model-like faces and bodies.

The three girls following began to remark on the beautiful models in the distance. Soon after, layers of their spirits began to fly away from them, making their bodies dimmer and dimmer. They were losing themselves. The spirits that flew away from the girls flew far away from their bodies but only became a replica of the other models, losing all sense of individuality.

I asked Melissa (who stood next to me in my dream) what was going on. She said:

“We all have parts of our body we don’t like. We try to change our bodies, tighten our belts, so that we look like someone else. But in reality, we are just losing ourselves and what we have been given.”

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Michelle hates writing bios, adores her three teenagers, enjoys writing and talking about the gospel, and loves that RubyGirl has been created. She looks forward to watching it unfold, and especially looks forward to learning from youth and young adults.

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