I’m With Him

neither-do-i-condemn-theeWhat words would you use to describe Jesus Christ in this picture?

What type of leadership skills is He demonstrating?

This semester, the sweetest part of my work is teaching two “Leadership For Life” classes on campus. I teach at LDS Business College, where I stand in awe as I stand beside these students and their sheer greatness. Imagine a room filled with bright, light-filled students who are studying to become leaders. Not just leaders in businesses, but leaders in homes, communities, and leaders who are building the Lord’s kingdom.

This week in class, we’ve been discussing how to “Lead Like the Savior.”

It’s interesting to study this image of Christ with the woman taken in adultery. We talked about the power of how Christ stoops down to her level. He casts His eyes upon her with pure love and gentleness. It’s a great set of words you can find in John 8:11. Read something beautiful every day—that’s the goal.

Every day in class, I take notes in my “Growth and Insight Journal” because these students teach me so much about what it means to be a courageous leader in the year 2016.

I long for empathy as I place myself in the students’ shoes and to feel what they’re feeling as members of this millennial generation. I asked my students to share one or two words about what it’s like to lead in today’s world. Here are some of their descriptive words: Excited. Invigorated. Overwhelmed. Scared. Faithful. Rooted. Protected. Prepared.

These future leaders, just like all of you young women,  have one thing in common as you become the leaders you’re meant to become—-You have the example of the Master leader, Jesus Christ, and you have His Spirit to be with you.

This prompt is just that—it’s a prompt to get you writing. Pull out your journal, or pull out the fleshy tablets of your heart. Here are some questions to ponder or write about today as you think about yourself as a leader in the Lord’s kingdom. Yes you!

Ponder about the leaders who have influenced you.

Which leaders have brought you closer to Jesus Christ?

What is one thing that scares you about leadership?

Ponder  on one of your favorite leaders in the scriptures.

The Lord is looking for each of you beautiful Young Women to “Lead Out” and to become the leaders He knows you have the potential to become. 

Keep looking to Christ as you learn to lead.

Keep looking up to your leaders.

Remember that you can lead others, because you’re with HIM.

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1) Read something beautiful every day.
2) Look for symbols of Heavenly Father and His love every day. Every day.
3) Write and record the light you gather along your journey as you deepen your discipleship.
4) Believe in angels. Believe they are near and that you have earthly and heavenly help.
5) Seek and desire His Spirit every day. It's so worth it!

These magic 5 things hold me up every day! I'm the mother to 3 beautiful daughters. I married my kindergarten sweetheart. I've taught college and creative writing for over 20 years. The older I get, the more I need Jesus Christ.

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  • Michelle Lehnardt
    October 14, 2016 at 10:50 am

    This is just beautiful. I’m going to share this with my 14 year old Sunday School class. They are so bright and beautiful and full of promise– I especially love your image of kneeling to lead.