How to fit Personal Progress into school

With school, sometimes it is hard to juggle homework, sports, and everything else and still have some time to do Personal Progress. Well sometimes at school you are doing Personal Progress! Here are a few Personal Progress goals you are doing (or can do) at school.

  • Divine Nature #7- Be a peacemaker at school by refraining from criticizing , complaining, or gossiping about others.
  • Individual Worth #3- Notice worthwhile qualities of those around you and help them feel of worth.
  • Individual Worth #5- Do choir, drama, dance, band, and etc.
  • Knowledge #2- Develop a new skill or talent, like pottery, photography, sewing, cooking, child care, singing, piano, or anything that interests you.
  • Knowledge #6-  Learn how to conduct music and lead two of your favorite songs at seminary or in church.
  • Good Works #3- Comfort friends at school and help bear their burdens.
  • Good Works #6- Spend at least three hours giving service outside your family. If you are in NHS, this a great way to serve.
  • Good Works #7-  Pray for missionary experiences and invite a friend who is not a member or is less active to mutual or church.
  • Integrity #5- Stand as a witness by being a righteous example at school.

I am sure there are a few projects that you could also do as well. Also, remember to look in your Personal Progress book because for most of these you will also have to read a couple of scriptures or write in your journal.

I love Personal Progress and encourage everyone to do it, even the adults. It has definitely strengthened my testimony. Good luck!

What do you love about Personal Progress? How has it helped you in school, work, or life?

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