How Can I Find Affordable Modest Clothes? — RUBY ANSWERS

Dear Ruby,
Everyone talks about modesty, but I have almost no money for clothes! What can I do?



Dear Feeling Poor,

You’ve asked a tough question! Even if you had plenty of disposable cash and masses of time, finding modest clothes poses a huge challenge. Most stores carry sleeveless everything, mini skirts and short shorts. I have a few tips for you. First, shop thrift stores and clearance sales to make your dollar stretch. While you are shopping, focus on quality, not quantity. It’s OK to wear the same outfit over and over. In fact, it’s cool. Second, look for classic styles– neon goes in and out of fashion, but navy stripes always look great. Just one classic sweater can salvage almost any outfit. Third, talk to your YW leaders about a clothing exchange among the girls in your ward, stake or branch. Don’t be embarrassed to tell your leaders you are trying to dress modestly and don’t have much money to spare. They’ll be proud of you!

Good luck! Finding clothes you feel good in presents a lifelong challenge for most women, so don’t be afraid to ask others for help and advice.

Much love,

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