Hidden Beauty

Rotation after rotation 

The Earth twirls

Its axis leans as if its reaching for something

Seasons change 

And plants bloom

While elsewhere leaves transform from emerald to gold



The Earth is but a pea when compared to the sun

And the Sun is but a marble compared to galaxies

The Universe extends past the most creative imaginations

It wraps people up

As they attempt to explore it

As they attempt to explore it

The universe may fill up one’s mind

But atoms make up the mind

Atoms are in the paws that patter across the street

The water sliding down a child’s chin

The flames as they lick back and forth on a sizzling hamburger

The world

The world

The universe

So intricate

Crafted and Sculpted by One on high

He created you as well

He created you as well

If the Lord took the time to create flowers

And dew drops on morning grass

Then the subtle beauty found in you

Is His creation 




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