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Come Follow Me: Doctrine and Covenants 121-123

In the October 18-24 Come Follow Me lesson, one of the sections talks about how even when sometimes it feels like we are alone, God is never far away. I have learned that we are God’s #1 priority. If we need help on a test, or a talk, or even just to have a better day, he will always be there to help. While Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail dealing with adversity he reached out to the Lord. In Doctrine and Covenants 121:1 it states, “O God, where are thou? And where is the pavilion that covereth thy hiding place?” This scripture shows how Joseph Smith turned to God during his struggles. We can do the same. When times get really stressful and tough it can feel like we are stuck and alone, but by getting through hard times with prayer and sometimes a little help from those around us we can strengthen our faith. When I feel like I am having a hard day or maybe dealing with some extra stress I will try to say a quick prayer to help ease my mind. I know that God will always know what I need even when I don’t. 

My mom told me about an experience she had when she was feeling really overwhelmed and alone. My family had just moved to a new city. My mom was pregnant with me, my brother was struggling with some serious medical issues, and then on top of it all my dad lost his job. She was dealing with a lot of adversity and felt like she couldn’t find anything or anyone that could help. One day she was on the phone with her mom talking about everything that was going on. She remembers saying that all she really wanted was for someone to help carry her grief and to be as worried about everything going on as she was. She wanted someone to know exactly how she was feeling. As the words came out of her mouth the Holy Ghost whispered to her mind that Jesus Christ was that person. He knew what she was going through and was going to be with her through all of her trials. In the end, everything worked out and because of everything she went through during that time she gained a very strong testimony of the atonement and the power it can have in her life. Having trials is never easy, but knowing that Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and Heavenly Father are there to help us is such a comfort.

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