Go Swimming, Learn About Snakes, Do Headstands

We don’t own a fancy camera or a nice lens.  But every family trip or boating outing or ski day we have our go pro in hand and are filming. I love taking that footage and piecing it together into movies. I enjoy making these movies because it allows me to create something that did not exist before.  I put effort and time into making something that my family enjoys watching.

Create something, every day. Whether it is writing or baking or painting or learning a new skill.  When you create something you put a small piece of yourself into the creation. You are proud of this new, beautiful thing you have made with your own hands. Creating makes us feel alive!

Now, this does not mean we have to be “crafty” or follow any definition of “creative.” I am not very crafty, I don’t scrap book and I am a terrible artist.  But I enjoy writing, I have journals and notebooks filled with years of my life. The great thing is that there are no rules to creating – just start somewhere.

“Don’t ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

We have all been given gifts and talents, and part of this class-room-life is to find what makes us excited and passionate.  Being the best at any given skill is not required to create.  This passion and creation and excitement is for you, for your life! Don’t build something beautiful because you want to post it on social media.  Build something beautiful because it excites you!

I wanted to share this book with you because it changed the way I look at my career and my hobbies.  Below are some of my favorite snippets from The Crossroads of Should and Must, Find and Follow your Passion.  Read the snippets and then come borrow my copy or go to the library or Barnes and Noble because it is a going to inspire you to find passion in what you do with your life.

“Aquire one new skill a month, every month, choose one new thing to do: Go swimming, learn about snakes, do headstands.”

 “All too often, we feel that we are not living the fullness of our lives because we are not expressing the fullness of our gifts.”

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.”

“What were you like as a child? What did you enjoy doing? Were you solitary or did you prefer a crowd? Independent or collaborative?  Day optimizer or day dreamer? If you don’t remember, call your mom.”

“The wealthiest people I know have days and nights filled with life’s most priceless items: Watching the sun rise, smelling the rain, making scrambled eggs, having belly laughs with a friend, writing a handwritten note, eating an ice cream sandwich.”

Author profile

I met my husband walking to English class my freshman year at the University of Utah. He is a medical resident and I work full time doing marketing for a property management firm. We live at the base of Immigration Canyon in Salt Lake City and love being in the mountains. I love thick chocolate brownies, hand written notes and water skiing in the early morning. I speak Tagalog from my mission in the Philippines. I believe that life is an adventure.

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