Giving Gratitude

Have you ever thought of gratitude as a gift? When you thank others, it is like you are giving them a little present by acknowledging what they have done for you. If someone thanks you for something you’ve done for them, don’t your efforts feel more worth it?


This quote by President Thomas S. Monson shows us the power of gratitude:


“Think to thank. In these three words you have the finest capsule course for a happy marriage, the formula for enduring friendships, and a pattern for personal happiness.”


Wow – what a difference thanking people can make!


I want to share some stories with you about times when people showed gratitude to me, and how it made all the difference.


This summer, I decided to volunteer as a music mentor at a symphony camp. At the end of the week, the director and musicians gave me a card which they had all signed. There was a message inside thanking me for being a mentor. It made my day to hear that my help was appreciated! I felt happy that I had volunteered, and glad that I had been helpful to the young musicians.


Recently, I joined a team of students starting to plan for our graduation ceremony. I am part of the first graduating class of my high school, so it is a big task to ensure that our first graduation is memorable! At the end of our planning session, my teacher thanked us for all the work we’ve done so far. It was nice to hear some encouragement, and made me feel more excited about contributing my ideas!


In these instances, I didn’t need to be thanked to feel fulfillment for my efforts. But when someone took the time to show gratitude, it made all the difference because I felt appreciated.


How can you show gratitude? How have other people helped you feel appreciated?

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