Family History

We all know what family history is. We have all heard many stories about the blessings of family history and that we should all do it. On Sunday afternoon, during General Conference, Dale G. Renlund spoke about family history. He said the following:

“This [family history] is far more than an encouraged hobby because the ordinances of salvation are necessary for all God’s children.”

Family history is important, but there are so many resources that sometimes we don’t know where to begin.

  • Set up an account

You can set up an account on Family Search here. If you are a member of the church, you can set up a FREE account on Ancestry, My Heritage, and Find My Past. These sites are really helpful for finding more sources.


  • Talk to your Grandma!

Your Grandparents (or other family members) probably have stories, pictures, and/or documents that could really help you find more family names. It is also so interesting to hear the different stories.


  • Indexing

Family Search always needs help with indexing. Indexing is when you make documents available for people to search. This is good to do if you are bored.


  • Find names and go to the Temple

When you find names, print them out and take them to the temple. If you can’t do the temple work yourself, you can have people in your ward do them for you (if you want), or you can submit them to the temple.

If you ever need help, most wards/ branches have a family history consultant who can help you with most things on Family Search.

“Family history and temple work is not only for the dead, but blesses the living as well.”

Dale G. Renlund

Learning about your family can bless you so much. It is so interesting to hear different stories about those who came before you.

I recently have read a lot about my great grandma. She grew up in a small town of Wellington, Utah. Even though she wasn’t a super important historical person, I felt so excited to learn about her and her normal life. For me she was a special and important person.

I know that family history is important and if you do it you will be blessed, just like Elder Renlund said.

What have you learned about your family? What is your favorite thing about family history?

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  • Marilyn
    April 5, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    My sisters and I are doing genealogy. We have found a lot on our maternal side. Our father was orphaned at 7 and a half so we do not have much on that side. We continue to try and find out more information. Thank You for this informative post.