Don’t Just Let God Guide Your Path, Ask Him To

Every Friday, my American Heritage TA, McKall, gives us a spiritual thought for the week before we leave class. Last week, she told us about a really interesting habit she had developed. She asked god every day before she walked to class to guide her as to which way she should take so that she could run into people who needed her, or could use a smile, or just a hello. She said that it had been working very well, so I decided to try it. I pray every time I leave my dorm or a class or anywhere that I will know which paths Heavenly Father would want me to take. I started running into friends everywhere and being able to say hi and smile at them and just have a good interaction with them. At one point, I saw a friend from a distance and so I texted him to look up from his phone (so he could see me), and when he did, he saw another friend of his who he hadn’t seen in a while and got to catch up with her!

As I have tried to develop this habit, I thought what my professor, Brother Smith, pointed out to us as we studied the parable of the Good Samaritan. He pointed out that the first two men happened upon the injured man “by chance,” while the Samaritan “as he journeyed, came where he was.” Brother Smith continued to tell us that the Samaritan was probably journeying in the area with the purpose of finding someone in need of help and relieving their suffering. This Good Samaritan was seeking to help others and, I would imagine, was in tune with his Heavenly Father enough to know where to go to find people who needed Him.

How often in the New Testament do we hear of Christ finding people to serve while He is traveling? In the story of the Ten Lepers, it is written that Christ met them “as he went to Jerusalem.” When Christ met the woman at the well, He was traveling to Galilee and taking the “road less traveled” by passing through Samaria rather than going around the region as many Jews did. All throughout His travels, Christ found people to serve in between His destinations. He was one with the Father and knew where He was supposed to go.

I have often heard people say to let God guide your path, but I think that we can take that phrase a step further. We should be actively asking God to guide our path, spiritually and physically. The world is full of people who need our help and if we submit our will to God’s and actively seek His guidance, we will be able to find them. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ cannot be here physically to help all of us, so it is our responsibility to look after each other during our mortal journey. I know that if we live in a way that invites the Spirit and seek people to serve, we will find them.


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